Fall Gathering Inspiration


The best part of hosting Thanksgiving for myself and my decorating enthusiasts alike, is deciding how you will set the table. What color scheme should you choose, and which pieces will accent everything beautifully. I’ve gathered my top inspirational finds below, I hope you find this helpful and inspires you to create something magical of your own!

Photo Cred:  Cooking Light

Photo Cred: Cooking Light

I am loving the warm tones by using fruit as decor from the oranges, persimmon, pomegranates and apples each color reminds me of a floral bouquet. What a fun bountiful arrangement this could be to your thanksgiving table, to make it feel more elegant add candlesticks for ambiance.

Photo Cred:  Martha Stewart

Photo Cred: Martha Stewart

Harvest colors in full effect, with pale-pink and white dahlias with accents of golden hues. This bright and colorful arrangement works well with any traditional thanksgiving place setting.

Photo Cred:  Martha Stewart

Photo Cred: Martha Stewart

What is a thanksgiving table without pumpkins? Find apples and pears at your local grocery store to blend and mix throughout your home. The simplicity of the white anemone windflowers makes this scene feel light and airy.

Photo Cred:  Randi Garrett Design

Gold is center stage in this formal setting mixed perfectly with colored mossy pale-green pumpkins. The hydrangeas of multiple colors compliment the china quite beautifully. The muted neutrals in this dining room allows the flowers and accessories to be the bold element.

Photo Cred:  Julie Blazer

Photo Cred: Julie Blazer


If you’re anything like me by this time of year you’re trying to push the boundaries of mixing Thanksgiving and Christmas into one, without it being too noticeable. This earthy option has the colors of fall mixed with the edgy pine-cones and gold accents to warm up the arrangement. This un-traditional option will definitely get noticed by your family and friends.

Photo Cred:  Martha Stewart

Photo Cred: Martha Stewart

A contemporary take on florals, this arrangement reminds me of an overgrown garden in the backyard of a beautiful cottage. The centerpiece speaks for itself without any pumpkins or fruits necessary!

If you’re one of the lucky ones and can pick flowers from your garden, do so! Why not? In order to make a beautiful centerpiece you don’t have to spend a lot of money find what you already have in your home and make it your own!

How do you decorate your table this time of year? I would love to hear your thoughts and any fun ideas below!

XOXO | Stephanie