Story of Autumn


The crisp autumn air, the leaves starting to change and the days begin to feel much shorter. Now that October is over, we find ourselves almost a week away from Thanksgiving. I wanted to share our living room mantel, in which I’ve decorated with fall fiery leaves and pumpkins. I like to decorate with an autumnal theme, allowing us to enjoy for a longer period of time, as early as September all the way through November. Although I am itching to begin decorating for Christmas, but I will resist the urge.


I love opening the seasonal decor boxes every time the holidays come around. This year I found these paper leaves above, that I had purchased from Micheals the year before. I thought it would be a great idea to string them together, creating a very colorful and festive garland for our mantel.


This year I am dressing up our front door with colorful foliage with an earthy edge. This simple grapevine wreath from Micheals has seen many events and gatherings throughout different seasons. All the added berries, leaves and flora aren’t glued to the piece, quite simply woven and braided into the vines. This allows for easy removal and quick change for a different season. I like to keep the foliage in our fall box in a zip lock for save keeping for next years events.

I would love to hear all the creative ways you blend holiday decor into your home? I am always up for new ways of decorating the home.

Photography credits: S. Pellegrini Living