Lotus Garden - 5 Flatlay Techniques


I am constantly inspired by vibrant prints and textiles. This lovely Shumacher wallcovering from a 1920s archive document shows imagery of the Japanese culture. This application will bring life and energy to any room.  Flat lays are my go to when creating content for the blog. Below are my 5 helpful tips to get started. 

5 Flatlay Techniques

1. I begin with a main piece of inspiration and pull colors from the scene. Choose an item you can build from & that speaks to you.

2. I always try to incorporate a living quality, usually this comes from a bouquet I have around the house or a stem from garden. 

3. The third item is a textile this will add texture and interest. I like to use a piece of fabric, small throw, scarf or a cloth napkin.

4. I like to mix in an item that is currently in season, in this case the lemon. I was lucky enough to get a bunch from my grandmothers garden.

5. The last item is always a fun creative addition and usually a hobby or interest of mine in this case the ball of yarn, as I like to crochet from time to time.

Please share below some creative tips you have when creating your very own flat lays or how these tips helped you.