‘Tis the Season


The month of December is all about the new and different ways we can celebrate christmas in our homes. On top of that thinking of thoughtful gifts for family and friends. I’ve pulled together my favorite Christmas decor ideas for around the home just in case you need a little help getting started.

 Photo Cred:  Victoria Magazine

Photo Cred: Victoria Magazine

I’m not sure what I love more the pearls wrapped so delicately around the tree or the adorable furnishings covered in florals. This space is even more magical decked out for the holidays. I wouldn’t mind spending my afternoon reading a book here.

Wreaths are a lovely way of showing your creativity, as they look center of attention in a front window or welcoming your guests for the holidays. If you have a adorable pink building like this one, it couldn’t hurt having a large wreath to adorn it. This would look great centering the garage or side of the house.

 Photo Cred:  Martha Stewart

Photo Cred: Martha Stewart

This cute and creative woodsy theme Christmas tree is a sure way to make your home more merry. A lot of families participate in the themed Christmas trees changing it up each year. As for my family we have boxes full of ornaments passed down by family members. My husband and I are starting our collection of meaningful ornaments, as we continue to buy each other an ornament or two every year.

 Photo Cred:  Elsie Green

Photo Cred: Elsie Green

This dining table is dripping in garland, one can only have major envy over this oak table setting. A lot of memories are made at the dinner table during the holiday season, so why not set a table worth remembering. The must have items on the table are greenery, linens, glassware and dinnerware. Everything doesn’t need to match, just make sure it’s the same color scheme and some candles to set the mood.


Show your mantel and fireplace some love this season as it is a main focal point in many living and family rooms. This is my living room mantel decorated with faux garland found at Costco and adding some simple brass candle sticks and gold nutcrackers to finish off the look. It wouldn’t be complete without stockings and a few poinsettias.

What’s your favorite spot of the house to decorate during the holidays? Are you all about the Christmas tree or something a little different? Share below.

XOXO | Stephanie


Dark & Moody


It’s finally raining here in California, of course all I want to do is snuggle up in a fuzzy blanket on the sofa. I’ve pulled together my favorite dark and moody interiors to share and match this cloudy weather.

 Photo Cred:  Villa Betula

Photo Cred: Villa Betula

The mustard yellow upholstery and plum throw pillows matches perfectly with the indoor foliage. A room for my own heart!

I am loving this medieval charm and beautiful staircase banister that nearly touches the ceiling, wrapping the entire room in wood and colorful textiles.

 Photo Cred:  The Future Kept

Photo Cred: The Future Kept

I am always a go for anything houseplant related, this eclectic space holds plants, pottery and gold accents warming up the cool space.

 Photo Cred:  Abigail Ahern  via  Culture Trip

Photo Cred: Abigail Ahern via Culture Trip

You can find me here in this plaid chair covered in faux fur pillows, all the colors and textures in this living room work cohesively together. Of course one can’t miss the fern and flowers at top this mantel!

Are you a fan of the rain? Or would you love to hangout in one of these cool spaces above?

XOXO | Stephanie


Fall Gathering Inspiration


The best part of hosting Thanksgiving for myself and my decorating enthusiasts alike, is deciding how you will set the table. What color scheme should you choose, and which pieces will accent everything beautifully. I’ve gathered my top inspirational finds below, I hope you find this helpful and inspires you to create something magical of your own!

 Photo Cred:  Cooking Light

Photo Cred: Cooking Light

I am loving the warm tones by using fruit as decor from the oranges, persimmon, pomegranates and apples each color reminds me of a floral bouquet. What a fun bountiful arrangement this could be to your thanksgiving table, to make it feel more elegant add candlesticks for ambiance.

 Photo Cred:  Martha Stewart

Photo Cred: Martha Stewart

Harvest colors in full effect, with pale-pink and white dahlias with accents of golden hues. This bright and colorful arrangement works well with any traditional thanksgiving place setting.

 Photo Cred:  Martha Stewart

Photo Cred: Martha Stewart

What is a thanksgiving table without pumpkins? Find apples and pears at your local grocery store to blend and mix throughout your home. The simplicity of the white anemone windflowers makes this scene feel light and airy.

 Photo Cred:  Randi Garrett Design

Gold is center stage in this formal setting mixed perfectly with colored mossy pale-green pumpkins. The hydrangeas of multiple colors compliment the china quite beautifully. The muted neutrals in this dining room allows the flowers and accessories to be the bold element.

 Photo Cred:  Julie Blazer

Photo Cred: Julie Blazer


If you’re anything like me by this time of year you’re trying to push the boundaries of mixing Thanksgiving and Christmas into one, without it being too noticeable. This earthy option has the colors of fall mixed with the edgy pine-cones and gold accents to warm up the arrangement. This un-traditional option will definitely get noticed by your family and friends.

 Photo Cred:  Martha Stewart

Photo Cred: Martha Stewart

A contemporary take on florals, this arrangement reminds me of an overgrown garden in the backyard of a beautiful cottage. The centerpiece speaks for itself without any pumpkins or fruits necessary!

If you’re one of the lucky ones and can pick flowers from your garden, do so! Why not? In order to make a beautiful centerpiece you don’t have to spend a lot of money find what you already have in your home and make it your own!

How do you decorate your table this time of year? I would love to hear your thoughts and any fun ideas below!

XOXO | Stephanie


Story of Autumn


The crisp autumn air, the leaves starting to change and the days begin to feel much shorter. Now that October is over, we find ourselves almost a week away from Thanksgiving. I wanted to share our living room mantel, in which I’ve decorated with fall fiery leaves and pumpkins. I like to decorate with an autumnal theme, allowing us to enjoy for a longer period of time, as early as September all the way through November. Although I am itching to begin decorating for Christmas, but I will resist the urge.


I love opening the seasonal decor boxes every time the holidays come around. This year I found these paper leaves above, that I had purchased from Micheals the year before. I thought it would be a great idea to string them together, creating a very colorful and festive garland for our mantel.


This year I am dressing up our front door with colorful foliage with an earthy edge. This simple grapevine wreath from Micheals has seen many events and gatherings throughout different seasons. All the added berries, leaves and flora aren’t glued to the piece, quite simply woven and braided into the vines. This allows for easy removal and quick change for a different season. I like to keep the foliage in our fall box in a zip lock for save keeping for next years events.

I would love to hear all the creative ways you blend holiday decor into your home? I am always up for new ways of decorating the home.

Photography credits: S. Pellegrini Living


Summer is here

Summertime to me is all about bright colors and the warm sunshine. The interiors switch from heavy textiles to light throws for the furniture. It’s all about bringing the indoors out and enjoying the time in the sun. Of course it doesn’t hurt to get a little tan during all these either. I hope you enjoy my collection of summer fun below.


Photography credits in order of appearance: The Beverly Hills Hotel, Amanda Mercado A Glam Lifestyle, Jacquetta Wheeler Moroccan Villa on AD, Monika Hibbs, Jennifer from FleamarketFab on Glitter Guide, Glitter Guide showcases Simona Wohlner's home that La designer Layne Kula designed.

Hot Restaurants this Summer

 Photo Credit: lageorgienne

Photo Credit: lageorgienne

Klay Saint Saveur - I’ve fallen in love with this tropical garden terrace in Paris, France.

 Photo Credit: Commissary - The Line Hotels

Photo Credit: Commissary - The Line Hotels

Commissary - The Commissary is an urban greenhouse oasis within the Line Hotel based in Los Angeles. 

 Photo Credit: The Musket Room

Photo Credit: The Musket Room

The Musket Room - Nolita seems to be a popular trending spot for hot restaurants, this one inspired by New Zealand.

 Photo Credit: De Maria

Photo Credit: De Maria

De Maria - A contemporary restaurant in vibrant Nolita neighborhood within New York. 

 Photo Credit: Norah Restaurant 

Photo Credit: Norah Restaurant 

Norah Restaurant - An eclectic American restaurant in the heart of hollywood this looks like a place I would love to spend an afternoon happy hour. 


Blood Orange

 Finished product - Absolutely love!

Finished product - Absolutely love!

 Prep in the Kitchen

Prep in the Kitchen

This weekend was full of family time - catching up with loved ones, sharing stories and laughs. When it comes to Sunday, we use the day as a recharge allowing time to unwind from the weekend, preparing for the week ahead. I’ve walked past these Blood Oranges in our kitchen’s fruit bowl for some time now. No time like the present to break out the beaters and mixing bowl. This seasonal fruit is very beautiful when you cut into them. Allows you to bring something different into your dishes. I’ve packed slices in our lunches and now, adding a twist to a simple lemon cake. My sweet tooth will enjoy this throughout the week. 

What do you like to do on Sundays?

We can all live in denial that Monday is tomorrow! :) 


Out & About - Healdsburg, CA


The weekend is a time to unwind and to explore places unknown, new experiences and sites you’ve never known before. Sonoma County was top on our list last weekend. The area is notorious for wine and vineyards as they go hand in hand. Sonoma neighbors with Napa Valley so you can imagine this is the place to be for great wine tasting. Sadly, we didn’t taste any wine on our trip. We enjoyed walking the downtown area of Healdsburg, slowing down and taking in all the sites. 


Bar Bravas, was a lovely restaurant we saw in the middle of town – wish we weren’t full from our picnic lunch. Once a single family home, they converted the structure into a restaurant. The front patio had bistro style table and chairs with orange accents throughout the front garden. The place seemed like a great spot to have coffee and or a quick bite with a friend. As we continued past, we noticed the once driveway now led you down a fun and inviting journey. I mean could you have walked past this and not wandered back there in curiosity? If we find ourselves back in town we will definitely be sure to stop here for a bite and request to sit in the backyard, so peaceful and serene.  


The antique shop was my favorite. I love items that have history to them and being able to repurpose and reuse an item brings it back to life. The possibilities in this shop were amazing, although at times I felt very overwhelmed as if I had missed something unique

I wonder what amazing places we will discover this weekend?


Gift Giving This Holiday Season


"It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, soon the bells will start, and the thing that will make them ring is the carol that you sing right within your heart."

I love playing holiday music in the background whenever possible.“It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas”is an all-time favorite. Gift giving doesn’t have to be complicated. I had a great time spicing up these candy bars with decorative yarn tied in a bow to seal this sweet deal. How are you gift wrapping your gifts this holiday?