Fall Gathering Inspiration

The best part of hosting Thanksgiving for myself and my decorating enthusiasts alike, is deciding how you will set the table. What color scheme should you choose, and which pieces will accent everything beautifully. I’ve gathered my top inspirational finds below, I hope you find this helpful and inspires you to create something magical of your own!

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Story of Autumn

The crisp autumn air, the leaves starting to change and the days begin to feel much shorter. Now that October is over, we find ourselves almost a week away from Thanksgiving. I wanted to share our living room mantel, in which I’ve decorated with fall fiery leaves and pumpkins. I like to decorate with an autumnal theme, allowing us to enjoy for a longer period of time, as early as September all the way through November. Although I am itching to begin decorating for Christmas, but I will resist the urge.

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Gift Giving This Holiday Season


"It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, soon the bells will start, and the thing that will make them ring is the carol that you sing right within your heart."

I love playing holiday music in the background whenever possible.“It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas”is an all-time favorite. Gift giving doesn’t have to be complicated. I had a great time spicing up these candy bars with decorative yarn tied in a bow to seal this sweet deal. How are you gift wrapping your gifts this holiday?


Lemonade Refresher


Thinking back on my summers as a child, lemonade was the best time of the day. The juice was best when served ice cold and of course very sweet with probably too much sugar. I have a serious sweet tooth, not much I can do about that. While visiting my grandparents home I had the lovely opportunity to take a batch of Myers lemons home. I figured the best thing to prepare was a nice pitcher of lemonade. Here is a lovely array and styling with how it turned out.

One hint, never enough sugar. :)


Lotus Garden - 5 Flatlay Techniques


I am constantly inspired by vibrant prints and textiles. This lovely Shumacher wallcovering from a 1920s archive document shows imagery of the Japanese culture. This application will bring life and energy to any room.  Flat lays are my go to when creating content for the blog. Below are my 5 helpful tips to get started. 

5 Flatlay Techniques

1. I begin with a main piece of inspiration and pull colors from the scene. Choose an item you can build from & that speaks to you.

2. I always try to incorporate a living quality, usually this comes from a bouquet I have around the house or a stem from garden. 

3. The third item is a textile this will add texture and interest. I like to use a piece of fabric, small throw, scarf or a cloth napkin.

4. I like to mix in an item that is currently in season, in this case the lemon. I was lucky enough to get a bunch from my grandmothers garden.

5. The last item is always a fun creative addition and usually a hobby or interest of mine in this case the ball of yarn, as I like to crochet from time to time.

Please share below some creative tips you have when creating your very own flat lays or how these tips helped you.


Tropical Party


This past weekend I put together a bright and colorful tropical themed birthday party for my grandmother. As far back as I can remember she loved to tell stories of vacationing in Tahiti. What better way to celebrate her birthday by bringing paradise to her.

Cake time - decorations purchased at Party City & Napkins from Target

Cake time - decorations purchased at Party City & Napkins from Target

My mother made the cake with homemade chocolate frosting. She loves to bake cakes for all of our birthdays. For this recipe she added a half cup of coffee to the box cake to mix it up a bit and to add a homemade flavor.

Pineapples, Party City

Pineapples, Party City

Leis, Party City

Leis, Party City


What would be your favorite theme to throw for a party?


Flower Power

Paul's Flowers

Paul's Flowers

Shopping for flowers is my favorite activity. I enjoy putting together my own arrangements. This allows me to have fun and get creative by mixing different colored blooms. The flowers are constantly changing with every season as late spring - mid summer is known for peonies, therefore they're very hard to find during the winter months. Tulips are quintessential spring and easter flowers. Everyone always wants to know how to keep there flowers longer. I suggest switching the water about every 2 days. It should only take a couple minutes out of your schedule. When you find flowers dying in your arrangement it is best to clip them and toss, so they do not affect the other flowers. I like to keep it simple and switch out arrangements when the time comes. 

What is your favorite time of year to have flowers in your home?