Springtime Blossoms—A Glimpse of My Garden Inspo


Make Everyday Earth Day!

The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and we find ourselves in the middle of springtime. Absolutely love this time of year when all the plants and trees start coming back to life after the long winter months. I hope everyone has a wonderful day, take care of the earth!


How are you celebrating earth day today?

I just spent the morning watering my plants and re-planting some wildflower seeds in hopes that the birds don’t steal all my seeds again before they sprout. Oh the beauty of spring!

Xoxo Stephanie


Celebrate This Easter with Botanical Easter Eggs


Bring the garden to the table this Easter with botanical foliage. Get crafty with a green garland, vase full of greenery and fresh blooms or include the foliage with egg-dyeing and decorating.


It’s difficult to pick a single Easter tradition that I would consider my favorite. My top picks are coloring eggs, egg hunt and creating fun easter baskets for my husband and for our babies one day soon! :)

What is your favorite Easter Tradition? Share below I would love to hear from you.


Bungalows + Victorian Ladies


Today’s the first day of spring, otherwise known as spring equinox. The moment only happens twice a year when everyone on the planet has an equal split of day and night. This marks the beginning of the famous long summer nights. Before we get carried away with all things spring, I wanted to share our trip to Auburn.

A few weeks ago we booked an adorable airbnb in Auburn. This small town situated in the Northern California foothills of the Sierra Nevada. I was obsessed with the idea that we could possibly see a dusting of snow during our stay. The next morning we woke up to snow falling outside our window. I was anxious to get outside, and take in all the sights of this snow covered town. I’ve gathered below my favorites captured during our drive around the neighborhoods. We wouldn't mind trading in our city lives for something a little slower and who could turn down a cottage or victorian in the mountains!?

The snow must give way to the will of spring.
— Pepper Blair

I’ve always loved the idea of a fenced in front yard. The snow on the trees closely resembles cherry blossoms.


A victorian any day is beautiful and dreamy but a pink painted lady covered in a blanket of snow is magical.


I am always curious to meet the owners of any home I see painted in bright colors. I would totally live in either of these twin beauties!


Woodland cottage amongst the trees.


One can’t help but be drawn to this red door! Please invite me in for some coffee or tea!


This neighborhood was absolutely breathtaking with the fresh snow covered trees, moss roofs lightly dusted with snow. It reminded me of a fairytale book, all you needed was a crackling wood fire and a flannel blanket to keep warm.


Weekend Ready


Going into the weekend with fresh flowers, cleaning up and minimizing a lot of things around the house. A lot of times I find myself starting to collect objects that don’t bring me joy. Today and tomorrow I am getting serious with myself! Like who needs three pointsettias it’s months past Christmas! I am also in love with the idea that I can probably keep them alive until next Christmas, as I did with our last one. Let’s get real if we had a bigger house I would keep them and to be honest the red isn’t going with my St. Patrick’s / Easter vibes!


Who else is getting excited for springtime? I am looking forward to brightening up our home, switching out winter linens for spring textiles and decorations! I am all set with my corned beef and cabbage ready for this weekends festivities. I grew up celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with my family and its exciting introducing the tradition to my husband.

Are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this weekend? If so how do you celebrate?


Mardi Gras | NOLA


I don’t know about you but I have always been infatuated with Southern Style, the colors, architecture and the interiors! I have yet to visit the beautiful city of New Orleans, hopefully one day I will have a chance to see this wonderful city full of life. Today is a Mardi Gras, which is French for Fat Tuesday, referring to the events of Carnival. This is a celebration period just before fasting of the Lenten season, as tomorrow is Ash Wednesday marking the beginning of Lent. To my fascination with southern style I wanted to share a little of that with you. It’s an eclectic blend of tradition and whimsy that make this look absolutely dreamy!

Photo Cred:  Architectural Digest

Retired Peter Rogers former ad executive calls this beautiful view of the French Quarter home. What a magical view anytime of day rain or shine!

Photo Cred:  @lsteffan on IG

Photo Cred: @lsteffan on IG

No shortage of beads on these Palm Trees. The color combination of this house is out of this world! Definitely follow Laura Steffan on instagram her account is beautiful it will make you want to live in New Orleans.

Photo Cred:  NyTimes

Photo Cred: NyTimes

This home in the Garden District, no shortage of decor in this bathroom as we see floor to ceiling frames filled with history and charm.

Photo Cred:  Local Milk  Blog

Photo Cred: Local Milk Blog

My experience of traveling in the south visiting Charleston, South Carolina & Savannah Georgia. A Balcony is everything, a nice place to relax free of the sun with the cool breeze. This iron porch adorned with ferns and crawling flora makes this a classic southern style.

Photo Cred:  One Kings Lane  - Jane Scott founder of Leontine Linens

Photo Cred: One Kings Lane - Jane Scott founder of Leontine Linens

The vibrant purple grasscloth brings elegance to this dining room alongside the dark wooden table and chairs. The antique chandelier softens up the space along with the gorgeous pastel rug!

I had a lot of fun creating this blog, researching places and interiors to share that inspire. Let me know what places inspire you?

Read More about the New Orleans Architecture Style at The New Orleans Visitors Bureau.


Coffee | Downtown Local


A peaceful Saturday morning involves some needed extra sleep and a nice cup of coffee. The locals of Pescadero are lucky to have this gem front and center on Stage Road of this little town. The coffee shop is very inviting filled with nostalgic items and wood details. This is definitely a spot I wouldn’t mind sitting down with my laptop to finish up some work of course with a cappuccino to my side.

The small town of Pescadero is located just south of Half Moon Bay off of highway 1. This is a wonderful idea for a day trip down the coast. The last time my husband and I visited, we hiked Butano State Park in the morning and found ourselves perusing the shops of Pescadero in the afternoon. If you do decide to visit definitely don’t forget to buy some Garlic Artichoke Bread from Arcangeli Grocery Co. they’ve been making handmade bread since 1929 locally in Pescadero. The bread is amazing, last time I purchased two loaves one to eat that weekend and the second to freeze for a later date. Wishing you and your families a peaceful weekend, hoping the weather breaks for a little sunshine.


One day soon I think it would be fun to take a class and learn the art of coffee designs. Always envious of there skills when they hand over my coffee.


If this entrance doesn’t scream come in and order a coffee, I don’t know what will! This vintage bike definitely sets the mood for the design of this coffee shop.


I love a good wood burning fireplace, one of my must haves as I continue to dream of our next home. Pull up a chair with your favorite magazine or book and relax a while.

How do you like to unwind during the weekend?